Business English Program


The Business English Program focuses on not only language skills but also commu¬nication skills. It enhances English lan¬guage skills to make presentations, attend meetings, negotiate, explain and defend a position, use business vocabulary and appropriate expressions in conversations regarding work and professional writing (reports, summaries, etc.).


I am coming to the end of my second term here at CAM ASEAN. One of the main aspects that makes teaching here such an enjoyable experience, is the students. Most prevalent of all is their willingness to learn, and participate within and outside of the classroom. For example in the language hub, where, from the viewpoint of a teacher, it is amazing to see the students spending their spare time, revising and reviewing the syllabus, and using the schools facilities to their full potential.
Alex Naylor
BEP English Teacher


My experience studying at Cam-ASEAN is truly unique and mind-opening. Through its creative programmes, I have managed to significantly improve my English proficiency and build my confidence in speaking in public settings. Above all, it encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and adopt a firm attitude toward lifelong learning so that I am self-motivated to continue broadening my horizons and uncovering my potential.

Long Muykeng
BEP English Student

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